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Please note, if you're looking for general help on the board, you should check out the FAQ.

This help page is for folks who are trying to join or unable to login. If you can't find your answer here, please fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

Log In Problems

If you registered prior to 11/30/06 and can not log in: Please be aware that the Lounge crashed on this day and all of our data was lost. Everyone has to re-register. Your old username and password will not work.
If you log in and it dumps you right back to the Log In page: Click on the "Remember Me" checkbox when you log in.
If you're getting an "Access Denied" error: Every month we do a sweep and any non-sponsors who haven't posted in the last month get deactivated. If you wish to be reactivated, please contact us with your username. You need to post or you will have the same problem next month. We will only reactivate you once.
If you're getting a message that you've been banned: You should be given a reason when you try to log in. Bannings are not done lightly. They may or may not be permanent. Permanent bans will not be lifted.

Registration Problems

If you can't register: During our monthly sweep we shut down new registrations for about a week. After that time you will be able to register again.
If you don't want to give your birthdate: Sorry, that's required
If you've registered and can't get in: This could be due to one of 3 things:
  1. You haven't clicked on the email verification link. When you registered, the email you registered with was sent an email to verify that this is a valid email address. If you didn't get that email, check your Spam folder. Make sure that admin@chittielounge.com is on your safe sender list. Hotmail marks email from the Lounge as Spam.
  2. We had a problem with your registration. It's possible that you look like a vendor or someone's ex. We would just need to look into it and make sure that you're kosher. :)
  3. It's only been five minutes. Seriously. We have jobs and sometimes it can take a few hours to OK someone. Maybe even a day if we're really busy. If you email us because you registered two hours ago and we haven't approved you yet, you can bet that it will be a few more hours just because you've ticked us off.